Heal Sex:  The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness
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Project Description

Making of the Movie - how'd we do it?

Our goals for the project

Making a difference, Supporting Generation Five

About S.I.R. Productions

Lead bios

Project description

Healing Sex is a revolutionary project mixing documentary style drama with education and mind/body exercises. The film follows a diverse cast of women and men healing from past sexual abuse. We witness their path to a more pleasurable and healthy sex life as they struggle to find peace, healing, and real intimacy.

Staci Haines draws upon her extensive experience as a workshop leader, somatic practitioner, and author/educator to guide you towards the sex life you deserve. This movie enables you to work out the normal, post-traumatic survival reactions-fight, flight and freeze-that may affect your ongoing sexual relationships, and walks you step by step through a holistic path to healing.

You will learn:

  • How to be present during sex.

  • How to experience pleasure and safety at the same time.

  • How to re-learn boundaries, consent, and mutual connection.

  • Define your sexual pleasure based upon what you enjoy and desire, not on your past hurt.

S.I.R. Productions Presents... A Haines/Strano/Rednour Production

Tina D'Elia, Melinda Wells, Kathe Izzo, Maria Stanford, Howard Squires, Christina Vickory

Based upon the work of Staci Haines

Director: Shar Rednour

Camera: Karen Everett

Executive Producers:
Staci Haines Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano

A portion of proceeds from film will benefit Generation Five for the life of this movie.

Co-Produced and distributed by S.I.R. Productions.

Healing Sex opens the path to more intimacy and satisfaction for you and your partner.

DVD Extras
  1. Behind The Scenes Featurette

  2. Extended Scenes

  3. Bonus Mind/Body Exercise

  4. Original Theatrical Trailer

  5. Cast and Crew Bios

  6. Exclusive Allison Anders Interview
    --The Director of Things Behind The Sun, Mi Vida Loca, and Gas Food Lodging

  7. Conversation with Susie Bright
    --America's Premier Voice of Sexual Politics and Editor of Best American Erotica Series
  8. Spanish and English Subtitles

Making of the Movie - How'd We Do It?

We as the producers wanted to create a place where people could find some reflection of what is real in their lives. So many people have been impacted by child sexual abuse or adult sexual assault-this impact reaches into every part of their/our lives. We know this is an experience that crosses race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. But where do we get any real reflection of healing from sexual abuse especially as it impacts our relationships and sex? We want Healing Sex to be one of those places.

We spent 8 months casting the movie, a long haul, and this was mostly finding the right actors committed to playing the characters we were calling for. We looked for actors who could show both impact and pain of sexual abuse, and the transformation of healing.

We wrote detailed character histories for all of the roles, detailing the person's history, experiences of sexual abuse, their "survival strategies," current struggle, key transformation, and outcomes of their healing. These characters are based upon compilations of the many, many people Staci has worked with, interviewed, and spoken with through the course of her work. We then sent the actors off researching. We looked for the real connections, feelings, and transformations of these characters. Shar, the director, Jackie, the co-producer, and Staci worked very closely with the actors during filming. We set direction, encouraged feeling, and looked for the actors to represent real experiences of healing.

Our Goals for the Project

We had a handful of goals for this project. Mostly, we wanted to offer real images of people healing sexually after sexual abuse. When do we ever get to see other people check out during sex? When do we get to see partners wonder just what is going on, asking themselves, "Is it me?" When do we see men or men of color struggling with past sexual abuse? We wanted to make this hidden abuse seen. We want you to be able to find someone you can relate to.

We also wanted to make sure that sex and sexuality was represented in a sex-positive light. Even though sex gets used as a tool of abuse/power/violence, it does not mean it must control your sexuality from now on. You are more powerful than what happened to you, and your sexuality can be a source of pleasure, empowerment, connection, and joy.

Some of our goals:

  • Represent diverse people who have experiences of sexual abuse through the cast and survivor interviews.
  • Show a practical path to healing from sexual abuse.
  • Introduce a mind/body (somatic) approach to healing and transformation.
  • Get real about both the struggles folks can have about sex after abuse, and the power and importance of healing sexually.
  • Be sex-positive and informative about sex and sexuality.
  • Support both personal healing and social change.
  • Make a difference through making this film and supporting Generation Five.

Making a Difference. Supporting Generation Five.

We are about both personal and social change. We believe that both need to happen to truly change our world into one where social justice and people's and the planet's well being are the norm. We also believe that as people heal and recover from the impact of sexual abuse (oppression), they can become more empowered and take a stand for social change and social justice in their own lives, families and communities.

Traditionally, there has been a split between the sex-positive movement and the work being done to end sexual abuse and assault. The sex-positive movement has wanted to focus exclusively on re-empowering sex and people's desires, often not wanting to engage with the misuse of sex and violence or coercion. On the other hand, the sexual assault movement has historically either ignored sex, or touted only the abuses. We see these as complimentary movements, and by partnering agendas, that we can reflect more of people's real experiences.

We are donating partial proceeds from Healing Sex to Generation Five, as one more step to make a positive difference. This means a percentage of your purchase goes toward supporting positive social change. Thank you.

  About Generation Five

Our Mission
Our mission is to end the sexual abuse of children within five generations. Through survivor leadership, community organizing, and public action, Generation Five works to interrupt and mend the intergenerational impact of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and communities. Rather than perpetuate the isolation of this issue, we integrate child sexual abuse prevention into social movements targeting family violence, economic oppression, and gender and cultural discrimination. It is our belief that meaningful community response is the key to effective prevention.

As a key part of our mission, Generation Five collaborates with other organizations to ensure that accessible, culturally relevant services are available to both survivors of child sexual assault and offenders.

Who We Are
Generation Five is a non-profit organization that brings together diverse community leaders working to end child sexual abuse within five generations. Our programs provide leadership training to community members, activists and professionals and foster community action, national strategy and movement building to impact child sexual abuse. We are not a direct service organization; rather, we work in collaboration with service providers to ensure that affordable, culturally relevant support is available to survivors, offenders, and affected families.

Our Staff and Board of Directors are committed to maintaining core leadership based in community and reflective of the diverse race, class, culture, ethnicity, gender, and sexual identities of those affected by child sexual abuse. As a fundamental part of our structure, we work in alliance with local and national organizations to develop model child sexual abuse prevention and response strategies.

Our Partners
Generation Five has been fortunate to work with leading foundations and individuals as partners in the movement to end child sexual abuse. We would like to thank these key partners for their invaluable support for our mission and programs: The San Francisco Foundation, The Ittleson Foundation, The Guerin Family Foundation, The MS. Foundation, The California Women's Foundation, and others, and our generous individual donors like you.

About S.I.R. Productions
An all-woman company based in San Francisco, S.I.R. Productions makes adult-oriented sexual-education videos. The mission of S.I.R. (an acronym for Sex, Indulgence and Rock-n-Roll) Productions, run by musician, Jackie Strano and writer and editor, Shar Rednour is to make educational, enlightening and entertaining videos that will provoke, inspire, arouse and uplift people's attitudes and habits around sex and sexual health.

Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour of SIR Productions have been featured and interviewed on HBO, Channel 4 UK, KRON-TV in SF, TECH TV, and in various documentaries including Official Sundance Selection 2003: Radical Harmonies. SIR Productions has been featured in Salon.com, Dan Savage's nationally syndicated column, The Village Voice, and been voted Best of the Bay by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Lead Bios

Tina D'Elia Actress, Playwright, Screenwriter, Performance Poet, Producer, and notorious Emcee, Tina Christina Maria D'Elia is perhaps best known for her bi-coastal one-woman-stage show: Groucho: A Day in the D'Elia Soup, directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang. She is also well known in the theater world for collaborating and starring in the award winning play Motherlands in 1997 at Boston's Theater Offensive. Co-Emcee for the San Francisco Dyke March for four years in a row and has performed in National Queer Arts Festival in 2002-2003. Her many film credits include the award winning "All Girls Best Feature," Hard Love and How to Fuck in High Heels. She has also appeared in the trailer to her feature film: GROUCHO, A Haunting, Suicide She, Shut Up Josephine!, Simone's 24, and The Tragedy of Samantha Biggle and the Twins. Ms. D'Elia is published in "Best Lesbian Erotica 2004" and "Our Bodies Ourselves: For the New Century."

Poet and conceptual artist Kathe Izzo works with love: childhood, motherhood, sex and community. Now working exclusively with direct energetic transmission as art or love as art. Her True Love Project (www.trueloveproject.com) has been shown/experienced widely including The Free Manifesta/Frankfurt Germany, ONI/Boston and PS 742 in MIami. She is the founding editor of the FLICKER series: teenage live journals on Provincetown Press and her recent writings are available in Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache (Alyson Press), edited by Michelle Tea and Clint Catalyst.

Maria Stanford is part owner of a metaphysical bookstore in San Francisco, teaches yoga regularly, and sings/performs in various musical projects. She toured a few years with Big Brother " the Holding Company and even auditioned at Paramount Pictures for the Janis Joplin role. She attends many different film/theatre schools mostly for the absolute LOVE of the work. Healing Sex was her first main film role.

Howard Squires started his acting career in the Bay Area in Stage 1 Repertory's production of Ten Little Indians. He later joined Theater Rhubarb where he was in many productions, among them, Penthesilea, Blood on the Cats Neck and Tomorrow Night. Howard can now be seen in the independent film "Quality of Life", a current selection in the Cinequest and Berlin film festivals. Howard would like to express his thanks to all of those involved in the filming of "Healing Sex", it was a very rewarding experience!

Christina Vickory is a performer, actor, bodywork practioner, and sex educator who has been in active practice in the bay area for 12 years. She is the co-ordinator of the Sacred Intimacy program for women at the Body Electric School in Oakland, and particularly proud to be a part of such groundbreaking work in creating sexpositive story and imagery for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Melinda Wells "Be the Unexpected," has been the driving factor behind Melinda Wells’ perseverance to success. Since winning first place in a talent contest, Melinda has aspired to pursue a career in the performing arts. Fluent in German and Portuguese, with a mixture of several heritages, Melinda exudes a powerful, refreshing presence on camera. Aside from the compelling film - Healing Sex, she has also welcomed a wide variety of Indie projects; Spirithunter, Eirons Caprice, So Fresh-So Clean, and Kiss of Purple.